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Las Vegas escorts prices – what you pay for is what you get.


While the question about how much are Las Vegas escorts worth must have crossed your mind, you must first understand that prostitution in Nevada is prohibited. Yes … and this is why the escort agencies or even independent escorts do not go around breaking down the nature of their business. Whenever you are in Vegas, do not ask for ‘prostitutes’ or you might find yourself flying solo through the night. Ask for an escort.

Normally, the Las Vegas escorts prices vary depending on a number of things. For starters, the charges of an independent escort are different from those that you will pay for an escort from an agency. It is always advisable to agree on escort prices before you commit yourself to one. The last thing you want is misunderstanding and the embarrassment that follows.

If you come to us, we will give you great variety of escorts to choose from. Why should your choices be limited? Variety is the spice of life! However, even if you are hiring an escort from another agency, we can assure you of one thing; that you will do well if you do some groundwork first. Compare and contrast the escort prices versus the services offered and make your decision. Avoid hurrying to get an escort for the first agency that you try.

Independent escort prices
in Vegas

Las Vegas escorts prices

Do not get confused, an independent escort is simply an escort that does not operate under the umbrella of an agency. Independent escorts prices in Vegas vary and it depends on how much you are good at bargaining or how much you like the girl in question.

Such escorts are most likely to be found in the backpages where they advertise their services. Mutual understanding is of the essence when hiring an independent escort and do not make the mistake of taking her to your room without a clear understanding. A good number of escorts charge by the hour.

Seasoned independent escorts tend to charge a heftier buck than their newbie counterparts for the obvious reasons.

Warning! It is only fair to warn you that independent escorts may not give you the full value for your time and money. We would advise you to hire an escort from an agency.

Other determinant factors that may affect the price include

  • How long you wish to contract her services
  • Additional services such as a massage or foot rub
  • Special services such as a blow job, a three some, an orgy or unprotected sex
  • The experience that you wish to derive; for instance a girlfriend or wife experience will cost you a heftier buck
Vegas escorts prices

While Las Vegas escort prices vary, there is an average charge. This is a rough estimate. For instance, classy independent escorts might not take anything less than $200. That is on the lower side. Do not cringe, this is Vegas and money talks here. The unspoken rule has always been go big or go home. If you wish to have a cheaper escort, you may have to lower your standards and settle for mediocre escorts.

Escort agency prices

Escort agencies in Vegas are on a competition as to who can have the prettiest, classier and more experienced escorts. The classier the escorts, the more you will have to pay, but then it is always better to pay more and enjoy more services than pay less and get mediocre services. Like everything else that is for sale, Vegas escort prices vary, but what you pay for should be what you get.

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